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Our services have grown over the years which allows us to provide our clients with a tailored experience whilst providing them with a wealth of choice and expertise. Whether it be designing a set of business cards to a full re-brand of your business… we are here to help you from design concept to fulfilment. We work primarily with B2B and in Education but don’t shy away from independently owned businesses either with our unique brand of design, print and web based services.

How we can help

The services we provide are built upon a complete understanding of your business needs. We aim to do what's right for you, in terms of communicating your brand to your customers to ensure you achieve the results your business deserves. To do that, we deliver a proven brand-building process which works for you.

Website design

Websites are still far and away the best way of marketing your business or school. An online presence is the one thing that every business needs to succeed and we have all the skills at BIST Media to create modern, fully user friendly websites with the ability to drive customers towards you. We are skilled web designers with experience in website management and SEO. Whether you need a re-design of your current dated website or a completely new site for your school or business, we are on hand to take you through the process from a cover page right through to your fully finished website.

Our approach to design & print

Our approach is simple… it could be an initial phone call, email or a face to face meeting to discuss your design and print requirements. If you have your artwork print ready and good to print, great! But if you need our design services, we will take you from design concept right up to the final print run and delivery.

Education projects

Over the years we have built relationships with some amazing schools and universities. All our designs are unique… No generic templates here. Whether you need something as simple as a poster to a school newsletter or a yearbook for your school leavers. We like to provide something that the students and teachers can be proud of for your specific school. After all, we are all individuals, and it needs to be shown that we are all different.